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AAMT Council

The decision-making body responsible for AAMT is the Council. The AAMT Council is made up of the following members:

  • President
  • Past President or President Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Council member from each state or territory association
  • Chief Executive Officer (ex-officio)

Council members are all volunteers. There is a four-year time limitation to the tenure of Council members. The Council meets at least four times per year. Some of the meetings may be conducted by videoconference.

Past Presidents

2020/22Lauren Beams
2019/20Jurek Paradowski
2017/18Allason McNamara
2015/16Mary Coupland
2012/14Kim Beswick
2010/11Peter Sullivan
2008/09Judy Anderson
2006/07Thelma Perso
2004/05Barry Kissane
2002/03Steve Thornton
2000/01Vince Geiger
1998/99Di Siemon
1997Will Morony
1994/96Dawn Bartlett
1993Howard  Reeves
1990/92Max Stephens
1988/89Pat Costello
1987/88Jeff Baxter
1985/86John Mack
1983/84Bob McCreddin
1980/82Marjorie Carss
1978/79Graham Willis
1976Trevor Leo
1974/75Mike Newman
1972/74Godfrey Lowden Hubbard
1970/71Larry Blakers
1968/69K.L. Berndt
1966/67Bernhard Neumann