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Support Maths Teaching in Australia

AAMT is a charitable organisation that supports maths education in Australia. Our work is dedicated to supporting maths teachers and learners to achieve better education outcomes. Many research studies point to the increasing importance of mathematical skills in jobs of the future. The work of AAMT, and its Affiliated Associations in each state and territory, is critically important in this respect. 

AAMT is not supported financially by public funds. We raise income to support maths education through membership, publications and professional events. We also rely on charitable donations.  We gratefully receive donations from individuals, trusts and foundations, as well as corporations, public bodies and other organisations that have an interest in maths education.

AAMT has recently launched a program called Focus on Maths. By supporting to this program, donors are able to contribute towards improving maths education in disadvantaged schools.

AAMT partners with Schools Plus, which provides tax benefits for donations to Focus on Maths.

We very much value any donations received. Please contact us to discuss your contribution.

primary aged boy in class