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Journal Subscription for Members

If you’re a member of AAMT, then you can subscribe to Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom (APMC) and The Australian Mathematics Education Journal (AMEJ)  through your affiliated association membership. You need to contact them to subscribe; some associations include a journal subscription as part of membership.

2022 subscription rates (within Australia) are:

TitlePrice (with GST)
APMC (4 issues)$31.14
AMEJ (4 issues)$31.14

Journal Subscription for Non-Members

Non-member of AAMT may subscribe to the AMEJ and APMC journals.

2022 subscription rates are:

TitlePrice (with GST)Price (outside Australia)
APMC (4 issues)$115.39$137.38
AMEJ (4 issues)$125.88$148.37

To subscribe to AAMT journal for non-member, please complete the following form.