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Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

Supporting teachers of mathematics and promoting mathematics education in Australian schools

Strength in Numbers:
A podcast from AAMT

Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of mathematics education! Available on your favourite podcast app.

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Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) is the leading organisation representing mathematics education in Australian schools.

The work of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers includes: 

The Big Poster Competition

Theme : ‘Everyone Counts’

Students across Australia are invited to participate in a Big Poster Competition to raise awareness of the importance of mathematics in our lives. A selection of entries will be on display at the ICME-15 Congress in Sydney, July 7-14, 2024.

Several cash prizes will be awarded to students in various age groups. UTS Science is kindly sponsoring these.

Click here for further details including prize details, starting points for poster ideas, rules and submission info.

Big Poster Competition flier

2024 Study Tour to North America

AAMT has organised a Study Tour to North America in September/October 2024 to coincide with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) annual conference in Chicago. This Study Tour brings together maths teachers, leaders and researchers from across Australia in a unique professional development experience.

The conference allows delegates to hear from some leading global experts in mathematics education, while school visits in the US and Canada provide truly international insights into the maths education landscape, providing opportunities to:

  • Explore innovative teaching methodologies and develop pedagogical practice
  • Enhance cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of diverse educational systems
  • Foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing and professional networking
  • Cultivate a global perspective on educational challenges and opportunities
  • Build mathematics education leadership skills

Our 2024 Study Tour is now at full capacity. Please email AAMT’s Education Specialist [email protected] if you would like to join our mailing list to receive future Study Tour information.

AAMT has a new podcast!
Strength in Numbers

Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of mathematics education, exploring innovative teaching pedagogies, sharing classroom success stories, and unravelling the mysteries behind those ‘Aha!’ moments. Whether you’re a maths enthusiast or just looking to improve your teaching skills in mathematics, this podcast brought to you by AAMT is your go-to resource for engaging, sometimes light-hearted, and informative discussions on all things maths education related!

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Focus on Maths banner

Focus on Maths—a professional learning initiative from AAMT

Focus on Maths is an AAMT initiative that aims to help build equity of access to maths education and improve the maths skills of students across a range of schools in Australia. The program primarily does this by supporting the development of good maths teachers in local communities. The features of Focus on Maths include:

  • Provides funding for teacher professional learning
  • Develops teachers’ mathematical content and pedagogical knowledge
  • Targets disadvantaged schools
  • Tailored to locally identified professional learning needs
  • Incorporates grants ranging from $2 000 to $30 000.
Banqer High logo

Helping educators bring maths to life

Banqer High is an experiential learning platform that helps educators teach financial literacy through engaging and educational activities. Our platform offers comprehensive curriculum-aligned lesson plans, allowing you to seamlessly integrate financial literacy into your teaching – and save precious time.

We’ve made learning about money both engaging and enjoyable, so your students can develop crucial financial skills while having fun. Students will navigate through real-life scenarios in a safe, controlled environment, learning key financial and mathematical concepts along the way. With Banqer High, your students won’t just learn about money— they’ll experience it.

Banqer High features

  • Easily deliver curriculum-aligned, deeply engaging financial education that reinforces mathematical learning
  • Save time with teaching resources that ensure curriculum alignment
  • Help your students develop financial literacy skills
  • Engaging and immersive simulated economy that brings mathematical concepts to life

Discover the ease of teaching financial literacy with Banqer High. Equip your students with the financial skills they need, all while enhancing their mathematical abilities.

Interested in bringing the Banqer approach to your classroom? Reach out to our team to get started, or book a 10-minute exploration chat.

Read about Teaching Financial Literacy

Read about Teaching Digital Currency

Banqer High lessons

  • Manage bank accounts and fees
  • Navigate card fees and debt
  • Grasp superannuation funds and contributions
  • Learn about home ownership and mortgages
  • Develop budgeting skills
  • Choose insurance providers
  • Understand risk management
  • Trade on a virtual stock exchange
  • Experience virtual job applications
  • Explore rental processes

Have you ever considered writing a paper for AAMT’s journals?

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers encourages and supports new writers. Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a tertiary mathematics educator, a masters or PhD student, an experienced author or first-time writer, we want to hear from you! If you have an idea for a paper but have some questions about its suitability, send an email to our Editors. They are happy to answer questions and discuss ideas. Email: [email protected]

AAMT publishes two peer reviewed journals:

  • The Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom (APMC), and
  • The Australian Mathematics Education Journal (AMEJ).

The APMC publishes papers about the teaching and learning of mathematics applicable to early years (pre-F) and primary school students (Years F–6/7).

The AMEJ includes two sections. Section 1 is suitable for an audience of upper-primary and middle-school teachers and Section 2 is directed toward mathematics educators of senior high school and tertiary levels.