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Mathematics Education Journals

AAMT publishes two mathematics education journals—the Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom (APMC) and the Australian Mathematics Education Journal (AMEJ). Members of AAMT can subscribe to receive these via their local State based affiliate of AAMT. Others, who may not be members of a local mathematics teacher association, can subscribe directly via AAMT. You can subscribe as an individual or as an institution (e.g.,schools, universities etc)

We are always interested to receive your submissions to publish papers in our journals. Learn about the readership of each journal below. If you have an idea for a paper but have some questions about its suitability, send an email to our Editors. They are happy to answer questions and discuss ideas.

Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom (APMC)

The APMC mathematics education journal publishes papers that focus on the teaching and learning of mathematics in the early years (pre-F) and primary school students (Years F–6/7). Papers have a practical focus with reports and ideas for teaching activities, as well as reporting research which has a direct impact on classroom teaching. The content aims to assist educators who may not have specific mathematics training to understand how children learn concepts which are built on in later years of schooling. We are always looking for new content and encourage the submission of articles. Please email your submission to: [email protected]

Editor: Dr. James Russo (Monash University, Vic)  [email protected]
Assistant Editor: Jane Hubbard (Monash University, Vic)  [email protected]

Main readership: Primary school teachers, pre-service teachers

Recommended paper length: 2000–3000 words + references

40 pp. per issue, 3 issues per annum

ISSN 1326-0286

For further information about writing and submitting articles to the APMC go to Submissions.

The Australian Mathematics Education Journal (AMEJ)

In 2019, AAMT launched a new journal, The Australian Mathematics Education Journal (AMEJ). The AMEJ is a 48 page, A4 journal, and published quarterly. It contains the same high quality of content found in our previous journals, the Australian Mathematics Teacher (AMT), and the Australian Senior Mathematics Journal (ASMJ). There are two defined sections: Section 1 is suitable for an audience of upper-primary and middle-school teachers and Section 2 is directed toward mathematics educators of senior high school and tertiary levels. There is a crossover of relevance to readers of both sections. We encourage authors to write for the AMEJ and submit articles  to [email protected].

Editor: Dr. Bronwyn Reid-O’Connor  (The University of Sydney, NSW) [email protected]
Assistant Editor: Dr. Benjamin Zunica (The University of Sydney, NSW) [email protected]

Main readership: Upper-primary, middle-school and high-school teachers; tertiary mathematics educators; pre-service teachers.

Recommended paper length: 2000–3000 words + references

48 pp. per issue, 3 issues per annum

Advertise in the AMEJ or the APMC

AAMT mathematics education journals have advertising opportunities for the promotion of services, events and products which are suited to our target audiences. The readers of our journals are predominantly teachers of mathematics from the Early years, to Primary school, Middle school, Senior/High school, and through to Tertiary Educators and Preservice teachers. Our main audience resides within Australia, however, our journals also find their way to a variety of countries including Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the UK.

All advertising is subject to the discretion of the AAMT office management.  Please contact [email protected] at AAMT to discuss your journal advertising needs.