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About the National Mathematics Summer School

The National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS) is a two-week residential mathematics school that takes place every year in January at the Australian National University. It is the oldest and most prestigious summer school in Australia and attracts some of the brightest Year 11 students in mathematics from across the country. 

The NMSS is a great place for students who have a passion for mathematics to advance their skills at the school with some of Australia’s leading mathematicians. There is also an exciting program of social and other activities, which gives participants the chance to get to know each other and develop life-long friendships. For any student with a talent for mathematics, the NMSS is not to be missed.


NMSS tries to keep the cost for students to a minimum. Usually each participant (or participant’s school) contributes a basic fee plus some travel costs (which are partially subsidised). Depending on the state or territory, local sponsorships or financial support may be available. Students should ask their school about this.

Comments from past students

NMSS changed my life for the better, I no longer hide my love of maths, but am proud of it and try to develop it, also some of the people I met I am still very close friends with. We are friends for life, united by maths.

The National Mathematics Summer School was an amazing experience. For many years I had enjoyed mathematical challenges, and felt that I needed more than what the school curriculum had to offer, and that was what NMSS provided. Our minds were all stretched, and for many of us we were exposed to new fields of mathematics we didn’t even know existed! It’s a great learning atmosphere. Everyone had different ability levels, so we were all challenged in different ways and strived to our own potential. However, there is so much more to the NMSS than the learning. It’s a life experience. Not only did I enjoy the mathematics, but I also enjoyed the social interaction as well. Being able to meet some of Australia’s brightest young mathematicians and spend two weeks enjoying each other’s company is a truly rewarding experience.