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AAMT is an incorporated membership-based association with charitable status (ABN: 76515756909).  It is also a Registrable Australian Body (ARBN: 153374719). 

Teachers and schools generally join the maths association in their state or territory. All members of state and territory associations become members of AAMT and gain access to the benefits of AAMT membership. 

AAMT is funded through membership fees, journal and online subscriptions, grant-funded projects and professional learning activities. 

The decision-making body responsible for AAMT is the Council. The AAMT Council is made up of the following members:

  • President
  • Past President or President Elect
  • Treasurer 
  • Council member from each state or territory association
  • Chief Executive Officer (ex-officio)

Council members are all volunteers. There is a four-year time limitation to the tenure of Council members. The Council meets at least four times per year. Some of the meetings may be conducted by videoconference. 

AAMT also holds an Annual General Meeting (typically in April), which any member can attend and vote on AAMT business. New Council officers (President Elect and Treasurer) are voted for at the AGM. 

The Chief Executive Officer is a full-time salaried leadership role in AAMT that is responsible to the Council. AAMT employs other staff to carry out its day-to-day functions and support the work of the Chief Executive Officer. 

Detailed information about the operations of AAMT are given in the Constitution and Regulations.


The AAMT financial year is from February to January. The latest 3 audited financial reports are: