National Mathematics Talent Quest 2020

The NMTQ is a national competition that is open for all students at all year levels.  Entries for the competition can be made individually, in groups of students or by a whole class. It provides students with an opportunity to be creative and apply their learning to projects that they are interested in. Projects are submitted to schools. The best school entries are submitted to a panel of judges in each state and territory to decide on those that progress to a national competition.

The NMTQ was in digital format this year and hosted by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia.

The 2020 NMTQ has now been completed.

The winning entries are as follows.

Lighten the Load!
Our Lady of the Rosary
Chandler Tran, Bryan Yeung, Hannah Ly, Cindy Wang, Stephenie Tran

Year 1
Home is a Hollow – An investigation into Native Micro-Bats and their Homes.
Santa Sabina College
Year 1 Carr / McKelvey

Year 1
Inequality in the Distribution of Classroom Balls
Our Lady of the Rosary
Chelsea Nguyen, Oscar Hua, Donovan David, Ashour Aziz

Year 2
All About Apples!
Arden Anglican School
Year 2 Arden

Year 3
The Purrfect Paw!
Abbotsleigh Junior School
Saskia McDonald

Year 4
Athletic Carnival Hacks!
Santa Sabina College
Christiane Nikolaou & Harlow Elsibai

Year 5
A library for 21st Century!
Woongarrah Public School
Year 5 Mrs Preece/ Ms Standford

Year 5
Under the doona during COVID19!
Arden Anglican School
Jaylen Nicotra

Year 10
As easy as Pi!
Redeemer Baptist School
Gregory Burns

Year 12
The Witch of Agnesi
Mike Zhu

Year 9
Algebraic Shapes Investigation
Prembroke School
Matthew Lim

Year 6
Jingle Maths
Milgate Primary School
Eden Murphy

Year 7
Social Distancing: Is it really helping?
Viewbank College
Joe Lim, Ansh Naidu, Vihn Pham, Kevin Zhang

Year 7
Can Humans Outrun Dinosaurs
Fremantle College
Zoe Whitney

Year 8
Footballs in the World Cup
John Curtin College of the Arts
Clara Hoarau

Year 9
Ellenbrook Secondary College
Jasmin Louise Calayag, Carl Philip Avellanosa, Danika Zoller, Neha Kerai

Year 10
Has music become more repetitive?
Ellenbrook Secondary College
Christian Josh Talle, Caelan Sutherland, Sasi Sankaralingam