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Pisa Results 2019

Australia’s performance in PISA testing

Australia participates in the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

The PISA tests take place every 3 years. They are aimed at students who are 15 years old and assess their abilities in English, mathematics and science.

The last tests took place in 2018 and the results were issued in December 2019. The next PISA tests will take place in 2022 (the tests have been postponed by a year due to COVID).

In 2018, Australian students performance in mathematics was at the OECD average (491) and was ranked 29th. There is a downward trend in achievement in mathematics since 2003.

The OECD report is available here.

The PISA tests in Australia are administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research. The ACER report is available here.

AAMT has issued a press release in response to the publication of the 2018 Pisa results.

2018 Pisa Results