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AAMT has a federated structure with the mathematical associations in each state and territory. 

Teachers and schools wishing to become members should join their local state or territory association. This automatically confers membership of AAMT. 

AAMT has a category of membership called International Associate Member, which is a direct membership available to individuals and organisations overseas.

Canberra Mathematical Association http://www.canberramaths.org.au/membership.html
Mathematical Association of New South Wales https://www.mansw.nsw.edu.au/membership-information/membership
Mathematical Association of South Australia https://www.masaonline.org.au/join-us
Mathematical Association of Tasmania https://mat.aamt.edu.au/Membership
Mathematical Association of Victoria https://www.mav.vic.edu.au/Membership
Mathematical Association of Western Australia https://mawainc.org.au/mawa-membership/
Mathematics Teachers Association of the Northern Territory http://mtant.weebly.com/membership.html
Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers http://qamt.qld.edu.au/membership/
International Associate Member <link>

Members gain the following benefits:

  • Participation in a network of local and national mathematics educators
  • Each state and territory association organises conferences, professional learning events, resources, publications, consultancy and teaching advice that is available to members preferentially and at discount rates
  • AAMT journals and other publications, national programs, exchange visits and the national conference are available to members at discount rates
  • From time to time, third party products and subscriptions are available to AAMT members at preferential rates
  • AAMT is a national voice for maths education:  all members are welcome to get involved and help raise the profile of maths teaching in Australia

AAMT is actively involved in representing maths teachers nationally, for example soliciting support and funding from government, responding to government inquiries and reviews, participating in research projects, collaborating with other relevant education organisations and distilling and communicating topical information. Increasingly, AAMT is also engaging with employers and community groups who are interested in supporting maths education. For example, employers may allow their mathematicians to contribute to professional learning and maths education. AAMT relies on the support from members to carry out its work. We encourage all schools, maths educators and other interested parties to join their state or territory association and the AAMT community to gain professional benefits and ensure maths education has a national voice.