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Will Morony

Citation for Life Membership

Will Morony was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of AAMT.

Will began his involvement in the leadership of AAMT as a Councillor for South Australia in 1992. He was President Elect/President from 1995 until the middle of 1997 when he was employed by the Association as a Professional Officer, becoming the inaugural Chief Executive Officer in November 2009.

He came to AAMT after a career as a secondary teacher, and then as a mathematics officer in the curriculum section of the South Australian Education Department. In his work with AAMT, Will has taken a leadership role in all aspects of the Association’s work to represent and support members of AAMT. This has included policy and curriculum development, professional learning, progressing the numeracy agenda, and pursuing teacher professional standards. Will has led the transformation of AAMT into an organisation that is fully engaged with the digital world and with 21st century approaches to member relationships and communications.

Highlights of Will’s career and contributions to AAMT’s work include:

  • Securing a role for AAMT to partner with the Australian Academy of Science in the reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry project
  • Negotiating partnerships with universities and other bodies to form five significant enterprises funded by the Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program, that will produce resources to be hosted on the new Dimensions portal for professional learning
  • Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of AAMT in 2016
  • Bringing together organisations and institutions to bid for the 2020 ICME conference
  • Overseeing the Connect with Maths project, which linked thousands of teachers in online communities
  • Overseeing the biennial conferences

Will has managed the development of AAMT from a loose coalition of regionally focussed associations to a unified, efficient and respected national professional association. His capacity to achieve this transformation has been underpinned by his outstanding networking skills and work ethic, and his capacity for strategic thinking, always directed towards advancing the interests of AAMT and the mathematics teaching profession. Will has been an active advocate for the contribution that teachers make to professional learning, and curriculum and resource development. He regularly interacts with educational and political leaders, enhancing the status of all teachers of mathematics. In all his work, it is clear to see the high regard in which Will holds the profession, and in which the profession holds him.