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Kim Beswick

Citation for Life Membership

Kim Beswick was President of the Mathematical Association of Tasmania (MAT) from 2005–2007, and President of AAMT from 2012–14. Her tenure as President of AAMT came at a time of transition to a revised Constitution, that saw substantial changes in the role of the AAMT Council and the expectations of its Councillors. Kim Beswick’s term as AAMT President will be particularly remembered as setting the tone and strategic intent of AAMT Council in its revised form.

Prior to her time as President of AAMT, Kim was Councillor for MAT. In addition, she was co-editor of the AAMT’s Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom journal (APMC) from 2008–2010. Kim has been a member of the journal’s editorial panel for a number of years.

Professor Kim Beswick taught mathematics and science in Tasmanian secondary schools before joining the University of Tasmania in 2000. She has published more than 90 peer-reviewed publications and maintains close links with the mathematics teaching profession through her research.

Kim was elected to the International Committee of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (2014), and was appointed to the Australian Research Council College of Experts (2014). Kim is leading the University of Tasmania’s TEMPEST (Towards Educating Mathematics Professionals Encompassing Science and Technology) project (2015–2018). Working in partnership with AAMT, TEMPEST will lead the way in providing Australia’s teachers of mathematics with quality, cutting-edge and accessible professional learning through the Dimensions professional learning resources portal. This is a consistent theme in Kim Beswick’s career: designing research that assists and supports teachers in their work.