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The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc. (AAMT) is the leading organisation that supports and promotes mathematics education in schools in Australia. AAMT operates using the business name Mathematics Education Australia

AAMT was established in 1966, has charitable status and is a federation of mathematics teaching associations in each state and territory. 

The work of AAMT includes:

  • The continuous professional development of teachers of mathematics across Australia
  • The provision of publications, resources and support for mathematics teaching and learning 
  • Communicating and advocating for mathematics education
  • Providing policy and strategic advice to government and other parties
  • Collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders in research, projects and other initiatives that further mathematics education in Australia

The following table summarises some of the specific programs managed by AAMT

Biennial National Conference  Every odd year in July
Professional learning workshops Periodic workshops with well-known educators, mathematicians and policy experts. 
Publication of the journals AMEJ and APMC AAMT publishes four editions of each journal annually. 
International exchange program Current exchange programs are organised for Singapore, China and the UK. 
Focus on Maths This program solicits funding from donors to support maths education in disadvantaged schools. 
Grant-funded projects Recent projects include Growing Mathematically, reSolve: Maths by Inquiry, Dimensions, Maths Inside
Maths 300 Maths 300 is a subscription-based platform that provides teachers with a library of interactive maths lessons using an inquiry-based approach. 
Maths teaching resource site AAMT maintains the site www.mathseducation.org.au which hosts a range of resources for maths teachers 
Reports and position papers AAMT provides advice and reports on strategic and policy issue in maths education. 
National Mathematics Summer School AAMT works in partnership with ANU to provide the NMSS for Year 11 students who have a passion for maths. 

AAMT Leaflet

AAMT has recently developed its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan and 2020 Operational Plan.

Strategic Plan

Operational Plan