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Algebra Tiles

Algebra tiles use an area model to bridge from the concrete to the abstract by showing students various processes in a visual manner that can then be translated into symbolic language.

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AAMT journals

AAMT publishes three professional journals for those with an interest in mathematics education:

APMC 2015 cover

Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom 

Filled with practical activities and advice, editions include professional articles on a diverse range of mathematical topics and approaches, with direct classroom applicability.

40 pp., 4 issues annually, ISSN 1326-0286

Download a recent article:

Using Technology Effectively to Teach About Fractions, published (2015) APMC, Vol.20, No.4. Written by Karina K.R. Hensberry, Emily B. Moore and Katherine Perkins.

2015 AMT cover

The Australian Mathematics Teacher 

Broad, practical appeal for teachers of the upper primary and lower secondary years. Editions include articles on a wide variety of topics, such as teaching approaches, classroom activities, and research.

40 pp., 4 issues annually, ISSN 0045-0685


ASMJ journal cover

Australian Senior Mathematics Journal (ASMJ)

For those teaching in upper secondary and the early years of tertiary education. Each edition provides professional articles on the teaching of various mathematical topics, as well as research relevant to the classroom.

64 pp., 2 issues annually, ISSN 0819-4564



Subscription details

AAMT members save 50% on subscriptions to AAMT's professional journals.

How to contribute an article

Teachers, teacher education students, researchers and teacher educators are encouraged to submit articles to AAMT journals.

Sample journal articles

Sample articles from Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, The Australian Mathematics Teacher, and Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, published by AAMT.

Index of published articles

A searchable online index can be used to locate articles in back issues (excluding the current year) of Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, The Australian Mathematics Teacher and Australian Senior Mathematics Journal. Individual articles are available for purchase (as PDF files, delivered via email).

Information for advertisers

All AAMT journals accept paid advertising (subject to the discretion of the AAMT office management). Use the link below to download details of advertising rates and copy deadlines.

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Editorial policies

Editorial policies for Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, The Australian Mathematics Teacher and Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, published by AAMT.