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The 2021 AAMT e-conference theme is Future Proofing Australia’s mathematical capacity.

29 – 30 September

This conference will host the most prominent thinkers and activators in this space to share progress in research, education, workplace culture, government policy, technology and classrooms. Will they provide evidence that our mathematical capacity is already future proof, that the ‘heavy lifting has already been done? More likely, attendees will each find their place in our Nation’s roadmap and make the connections with others, energise and set new goals.

The conference will deliver forums and workshops for our speakers, supporters and delegates to explore and identify the effort and rewards of ensuring mathematical thinking. The starting places for this exploration are:

  • Thought Leadership in Mathematics Education and Pedagogy
  • National Curriculum Development
  • Gender and Equity in Mathematics Education and careers
  • Indigenous Education initiatives
  • Federal and State Mathematics Education Policies
  • Research Impact
  • Technology, Data Science and Security
  • Student agency and mastery in mathematics
  • New to Teaching Professionals, and mentoring

Future Proofing aamt eCON will be a virtual event.

This will ensure that the conference content and collaborative effort remains unaffected by Covid related closures. The benefits of this virtual event are:

  • It offers increased accessibility for AAMT members and conference delegates from all over Australia and internationally.
  • Increased accessibility for attendees who might not ordinarily attend due to mobility impairment or travel restrictions/costs/time.
  • All sessions are recorded for attendees to revisit and review after the event.
  • Program can be condensed and offers greater flexibility for attendees.
  • Conference sponsors and exhibitors gain valuable insight and contact detail from attendees and can offer rich and immersive online experiences.
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