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Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know

Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know

What is numeracy in an Australian context?

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Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies Stage 1 *REDUCED*

Developing Efficient Numeracy Stage 1
NSW Department of Education & Training

Detailed support to help develop students’ counting strategies in the junior primary years. A great deal of research and common sense indicates developing robust counting strategies is fundamental to effective numeracy. This book provides a developmental framework for counting strategies that has been identified through extensive research in Australian classrooms. For each stage there is a range of activities to address particular aspects — sequencing, numeral identification and patterns etc. in the early stages, operations and strategies in the latter. The layout of each activity explicitly highlights key aspects of teaching as well as a brief discussion of why the learning is important and methods effective.

This second edition includes references to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

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ISBN-10: 000-000000-00000-00000
ISBN-13: 978-1-875900-78-7
Year Levels: pre F - 3
Publisher: AAMT (Australia)
Page Count: 291
Cover type: Soft cover, spiral bound
Publication date: 2014
Product number: AAM414
Keywords: Classroom material, Early childhood, Number, Professional learning/teacher education

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