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“Oh no! Not fractions!” The anxiety that students (and teachers) experience with this core mathematical topic prompted the editors to bring together research on the teaching and learning of fractions.

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Defining Mathematics Education *REDUCED*

Defining Mathematics Education
50% OFF
Francis (Skip) Fennell, William R. Speer (eds)
Year Levels: F - 12

The Seventy-fifth Yearbook is a celebration and reflection of the history of the NCTM yearbooks, and is a great resource on the key issues of mathematics education through the years.

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Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies Stage 1 *REDUCED*

Developing Efficient Numeracy Stage 1
NSW Department of Education & Training
Year Levels: pre F - 3

Detailed support for teachers helping to develop students' counting strategies.

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Mathematics Curriculum: Issues, Trends, and Future Directions *REDUCED*

NCTM 2010 Yearbook
Barbara J. Reys, Robert E. Reys, Rheta Rubenstein (eds)
Year Levels: F - 12

The NCTM’s 72nd Yearbook looks at advancements in K-12 mathematics curriculum development, as well as challenges regarding curriculum that still need to be addressed.

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Mathematics Through Play in the Early Years (3rd Edition). **REDUCED

Mathematics Through Play in the Early years
Kate Tucker
Year Levels: pre F - 2

New 3rd Edition Practical and imaginative ways to nurture children’s early mathematical understanding.

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Maths Terms and Tables *REDUCED*

50% OFF
Jack Bana, Linda Marshall, Paul Swan
Year Levels: 1 - 10

A great classroom reference resource.

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Navigating through Geometry in Grades 9-12 *REDUCED*

Navigating Geometry Yrs 9-12
Roger Day, Paul Kelley, Libby Krussel, Johnny W. Lott, James Hirstein
Year Levels: 9 - 12

Concentrates on topics such as the use of transformations, coordinates and matrices, congruence and similarity, etc.

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Navigating through Mathematical Connections in Grades 6-8 *REDUCED*

Navigating through Mathematical Connections in Grades 6-8
David K. Pugalee, Fran Arbaugh, Jennifer M. Bay-Williams, Ann Farrell, Susann Mathews, David Royster
Year Levels: 6 - 8

Approaches that invite students to connect ideas of number, algebra, geometry, measurement and data analysis.

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Patterns in Mathematics (Lower) *REDUCED*

Patterns in Mathematics (Lower)
Investigating Patterns in Shape and Number
Leanne Burgess
Year Levels: F - 2

Collection of blackline masters designed to encourage younger students to begin to observe, describe, extend and create patterns.

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Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving: Prekindergarten-Grade 6 *REDUCED*

Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving K-2
50% OFF
Frank K. Lester Jr. (ed.)
Year Levels: pre F - 6

This approach is about helping students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and methods by engaging them in problematic tasks in which the mathematics to be learned is embedded.

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Teaching Number in the Middle Years CD *REDUCED*

Teaching Number in the Middle Years
50% OFF
Kaye Stacey, Vicki Steinle, Kyla Marston, Dianne Chambers, Nancy Varughese
Year Levels: 3 - 10

A compilation of three professional learning resources on CD-ROM, suitable for both practising and pre-service teachers.

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