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Cooperative Group Problem Solving Cards for Mathematics

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Geoboard Gems

Geobord Gems
Paul Swan
Year Levels: 2 - 9

Students like using geoboards. They are simple and allow experimentation with many mathematical concepts.

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Good Questions (3rd Edition)

Great Ways to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction in the Standards-Based Classroom (3rd Ed.)
Marian Small
Year Levels: F - 8


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Having Fun with Maths

Having Fun with Maths
Activities and Games for Developing Maths Language and Skills
Dave Tout
Year Levels: 5 - 12+

A collection of thoroughly road-tested and ready-to-use games and activities.

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Improving Aboriginal Numeracy

Improving Aboriginal Numeracy
A book for education systems, school administrators, teachers and teacher educators
Thelma Perso
Year Levels: F - 9

A thorough discussion of background and issues together with explicit identification of their classroom implications.

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Making number talks matter

Making number talks matter
Developing mathematical practices and deepening understanding
Cathy Humphries, Ruth Parker
Year Levels: 4 - 9

A number talk is a brief daily practice where students mentally solve computation problems and talk about their strategies. The talks help students to work flexibly with numbers and arithmetic properties, building a solid foundation and confident disposition for future learning.

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Math Tools Grades 3–12 (2nd edition)

Ways to Build Mathematical Practices, Differentiate Instruction, and Increase Student Engagement
Harvey F Silver, John R Brunsting, Terry Walsh, Edward J Thomas
Year Levels: 3 - 12

Math(s) tools are ways to build mathematical practices, differentiate instruction and increase student engagement.

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Mathematics Assessment for Learning

Rich Tasks and Work Samples
Anne Downton, Rose Knight, Doug Clarke, Gerard Lewis
Year Levels: F - 8

For teachers wanting to use tasks which can help to identify what students know and can do.

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Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers (5th Edition)

(5th edition)
Derek Haylock
Year Levels: F - 7

New edition! Straightforward, practical and comprehensive explanations for teachers of the mathematics taught in primary schools. Now with a companion web-site and free access to an interactive ebook.

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Maths Games with Child Friendly Cards: Developing Early Number Skills

Child friendly cards
Linked to the Australian Curriculum
Dr Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 3

This book contains many, many card games. Some are more general, such as concentration games, matching card games and collecting groups of cards. Others focus on mathematical concepts and skills.

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Maths Terms and Tables *REDUCED*

50% OFF
Jack Bana, Linda Marshall, Paul Swan
Year Levels: 1 - 10

A great classroom reference resource.

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Money matters

Money matters
A teachers handbook for developing money concepts
Paul Swan, Linda Marshall
Year Levels: F - 6

Practical ideas and resources for introducing and developing money concepts.

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More Creative Use of Odd Moments *REDUCED*

More Creative use of Odd Moments
50% OFF
Doug French
Year Levels: 4 - 10

More ideas to help you make sure those 'odd moments' in the mathematics classrom are never wasted!

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My Word Book: Mathematics: Linking Literacy and Numeracy

Linking Literacy and Numeracy
Dr Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 6

This book focusses on mathematical vocabulary and provides teachers with lists of words (linked to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics) that are appropriate for particular strands across F-6.

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My Word Book: Mathematics_BUNDLE 5 books

Linking Literacy and Numeracy
Dr Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 6

My Word Book: Mathematics

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Number Lines: Mathematics Manipulatives Manuel

Number Lines
Paul Swan, Kelly Norris
Year Levels: F - 6

Linear models of number are very important as they support the development of an informal internal representation of number magnitude, called the mental number line. Different models are best suited to the teaching of different skills and understandings at different levels. This book is designed to help teachers make the best use of number tracks, number grids, and both empty and calibrated number lines.

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Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know

Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know
Thelma Perso
Year Levels: F - 9

What is numeracy in an Australian context?

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Open-ended Maths Activities - Revised edition

Using 'Good' Questions to enhance learning in mathematics
Peter Sullivan, Pat Lilburn
Year Levels: 2 - 8


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Oxford Primary Illustrated Maths Dictionary

Year Levels: 2 - 7

Definitions and explanations of more than 600 mathematical words and terms - with extensive use of diagrams and examples.

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Picture Puzzles

picture puzzles
Doug Williams
Year Levels: 2 - 12

A useful and different addition to your school’s mathematics resources, Picture Puzzles comprises many PDF slide show files suitable for students from Years 2 to 12. The slide shows cover Pattern and algebra, Shape and measurement, Number and computation, and Shape and space.

Members: $ 330.00 inc.GST Others: $ 412.50 inc.GST

Playing with Place Value

Playing with place value
Paul Swan, David Dunstan
Year Levels: 1 - 6

Place value may seem a simple concept but it can be very difficult to teach successfully. There are many materials available to use in the classroom, but which ones work? When should they be used? Respected educator, Paul Swan, presents well-researched approaches which will help you to teach, and your students to learn, place value.

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Primary Questions and Prompts

Primary Questions and Prompts
Margaret Jeffcoat, Margaret Jones, Jill Mansergh, John Mason, Heather Sewell, Anne Watson
Year Levels: 2 - 8

A booklet to help primary practioners broaden the repertoire of question types they use in the classroom.

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Problem Pictures CD-ROM Single User

Problem Pictures CD
A CD-ROM of photographs with activities for mathematics teaching
Richard Phillips
Year Levels: 4 - 10

The original CD-ROM in the marvellous Problem Pictures suite of resources.

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Problem Pictures Posters

(Set of 4)
Year Levels: 5 - 9

A set of four striking photographs for the classroom wall. Bring mathematics to life!

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Reasoning with Rods: Developing Mathematics Concepts with Coloured Rods

Reasoning with rods
Linked to the Australian Curriculum
Dr Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 6

Coloured rods (often known as Cuisenaire rods) are a versatile and readily available manipulative which model our number system. The activities and tasks in this book can be used to develop a number of mathematical concepts.

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Rich Learning Tasks in Measurement and Geometry for Primary Students

Rich Learning Tasks in Measurement and Geometry
Gary Flewelling, Jane Lind, Ron Sauer
Year Levels: 3 - 7

This classroom resource has a huge variety of activities to suit students of all ages and interests.

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