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Defining Mathematics Education *REDUCED*

Defining Mathematics Education

The Seventy-fifth Yearbook is a celebration and reflection of the history of the NCTM yearbooks, and is a great resource on the key issues of mathematics education through the years.

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The STEM shift: A guide for school leaders

Ann Myers, Jill Berkowicz

Society in general, employers and schools are seeing STEM as a way of equipping students with the 21st century skills needed to succeed in further education and the workplace. Illustrated with case-studies, this volume guides educational leaders through understanding, creating and leading the STEM change process in order to transform existing school programs.

Part 1, Why STEM?, introduces STEM education as a national imperative, with a focus on high rigour and high relevance. Part 2, Shifting, tells the stories of schools that have shifted into the STEM space, some inspired by a single entrepreneurial teacher, others by a visionary district leader. The STEM shift can begin in a single classroom or school-wide, but leadership is the key.

You will also find valuable pointers about preparing the school community for STEM initiatives and about creating essential partnerships with business and higher education.

Videos, resources and access links are provided in a companion website.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-4833-1772-4
Year Levels:
Publisher: Corwin
Page Count: 163
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Product number: ECA018
Keywords: Leadership, General Interest, Professional Learning

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