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Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know

Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know

What is numeracy in an Australian context?

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Teaching Primary Mathematics (5th edition)

George Booker, Denise Bond, Len Sparrow, Paul Swan

Now in full colour!

Essentially written for pre-service teacher education students, the new edition has been significantly revised and updated.  Numeration is addressed in chapters on whole numbers and fraction ideas; computation has been organised into two chapters on Additive thinking and Multiplicative thinking; and the chapters on Algebraic thinking, Measurement, Geometry, and Statistics and probability have been expanded. This is an ideal reference for schools and teachers wishing to have access to the latest thinking about how children learn mathematics.

There is a wealth of practical suggestions used to illustrate children’s understanding and skills development, including areas of likely difficulties and how they might be addressed, as well as suggested learning sequences to best develop new concepts. The topic chapters are bookended by thoughtful discussion on mathematics teaching and learning (including problem solving), and teaching for meaning by connecting ideas. An essential addition to your school’s professional reference library.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-4860-0268-9
Year Levels: F - 7
Publisher: Pearson
Page Count: 580
Cover type: Soft cover
Product number: AWL229
Keywords: Primary, Professional learning, Teacher education

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