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Rich Learning Tasks in Number and Algebra for Primary Students

Rich Learning Tasks in Number and Algebra
Gary Flewelling, Jane Lind, Ron Sauer

The very popular Rich Learning Tasks in Number has now been updated to include activities with algebra. Students use concrete materials as well as numbers to explore early algebraic concepts – identifying, continuing and creating patterns, and writing rules to describe the patterns. The number activities include playing games, using manipulatives, and estimating and making predictions. In all of the tasks (over 80 of them!), students are encouraged to explain their thinking and communicate it to others in a variety of ways.
Each task begins with an uncluttered, stimulating student page with clear instructions. A paired teacher page gives links to content descriptions from the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, notes, a performance rubric of four levels and a sample student response. Suggestions for motivating students and for implementing and assessing are frequently provided. Skillfully constructed, the tasks are suited to a multitude of levels, and can be readily adapted for further extension.
Accompanied by a CD-ROM with PDF files of student worksheets.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-875900-75-6
Year Levels: 3 - 7
Publisher: Australina Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) Inc.
Page Count: 212
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Product number: CAN301
Keywords: Number & algebra, Problem solving, Classroom material

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