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Practising Mathematics: Developing the mathematician as well as the mathematics

How can your students work like mathematicians?

An engaging selection of tasks contain activities from many areas of mathematics including: Number work, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Geometry, Probably and Statistics.


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Mathematical Whetstones: Sharpening Understandings

Mathematical Whetstones
Ed Staples, Paul Turner

A new resource for teachers of Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods.

Mathematical Whetstones consists of 80 four-page ‘chapters’ (or whetstones) which place mathematics in the context of human endeavour. Each whetstone is designed to engage and motivate teachers and students through celebrating mathematics as an art and an adventure.

Use the whetstones to sharpen understanding of a variety of topics. How about a new take on the Cosine Rule, or the Fundamental Theorem, or Confidence Intervals? Build a deep knowledge about the Cross Product, the Pigeonhole Principle, and Euler’s method using a first principles approach. Each group of activities is linked to the Australian Curriculum and each activity has a number of questions (with answers where appropriate) on the fourth page. This makes it easy to print your selected 4-page Whetstones as required.

Mathematical Whetstones is delivered as a personalised pdf for individual purchasers. Members: $30.00 (inc GST) and others: $37.50 (inc GST). This makes it easy to print your selected 4-page Whetstones as required.

Institutional purchasers will receive a personalised pdf and one free hard copy at the following cost - members: $150 (inc GST) and others: $187.50 (inc GST). Please contact the AAMT office (sales@aamt.edu.au) directly rather than through the webshop.

There is further material and other information available at www.mathematicalwhetstones.com.au

Members: $ 30.00 inc.GST Others: $ 37.50 inc.GST

ISBN-13: 978-0-646-94045-8
Year Levels: 10 - 12+
Publisher: Mathematical Whetstones
Page Count: 344
Publication date: 2015
Product number: MAW001

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