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Check the Clues bundle – Any three books

check the clues bundle

Cooperative group problem-solving cards and activities.,

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Early childhood

Becoming The Maths Teacher You Wish You'd Had

Ideas and Strategies from Vibrant Classrooms
Tracy Johnston Zager
Year Levels: F - 12

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Check the Clues A: Pre-Primary

Dr Paul Swan, David Dunstan
Year Levels: pre F - F

Cooperative Group Problem Solving Cards for Mathematics

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Early Mathematical Experiences: Mathematics Manipulatives Manual

Mathematics Manipulatives Manual
Dr Paul Swan
Year Levels: pre F - 2

Activities are divided into general skills, imitative play, more formal activities such as cooking and water play, through to subitising and counting

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Engaging Maths: 25 Favourite Lessons 2nd Edition

Engaging maths 2nd edition
Doug Clarke, Anne Roche
Year Levels: F - 6

This full-colour volume aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of primary school students (and their teachers) through enjoyable, challenging and active lessons.

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Engaging with Mathematics through Picture Books

Tracey Muir, Sharon Livy, Leicha Bragg, Julie Clark, Jill Wells & Catherine Attard
Year Levels: pre F - 2

How can picture books help teachers engage young students in mathematics?



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Good Questions (3rd Edition)

Great Ways to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction in the Standards-Based Classroom (3rd Ed.)
Marian Small
Year Levels: F - 8


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Investigating Mathematics, Science and Technology in Early Childhood

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.49.39 am
Amy MacDonald, John Rafferty
Year Levels: pre F - 2

How do young children develop understandings of mathematics, science and technology through everyday play in investigation? The Australian authors explore practical examples of mathemtical, scientific and technological concepts and processes so that teachers can confidently prepare for a range of early years learning environments. The various chapters are well-supported with learning stories and acecdotes, key questions, suggestions for investigations, and demonstrations of how to integrate the individual disciplines in an holistic way for a STEM flavoured experience.

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Mathematics Through Play in the Early Years (3rd Edition). **REDUCED

Mathematics Through Play in the Early years
Kate Tucker
Year Levels: pre F - 2

New 3rd Edition Practical and imaginative ways to nurture children’s early mathematical understanding.

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Maths and Numeracy (2nd edition)

maths and numeracy
Jenni Connor, Denise Neal
Year Levels: pre F - F

This full colour booklet incorporates the latest research about young children’s learning to assist educators, parents and carers foster numeracy.

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Maths Games with Child Friendly Cards: Developing Early Number Skills

Child friendly cards
Linked to the Australian Curriculum
Dr Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 3

This book contains many, many card games. Some are more general, such as concentration games, matching card games and collecting groups of cards. Others focus on mathematical concepts and skills.

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Number Lines: Mathematics Manipulatives Manuel

Number Lines
Paul Swan, Kelly Norris
Year Levels: F - 6

Linear models of number are very important as they support the development of an informal internal representation of number magnitude, called the mental number line. Different models are best suited to the teaching of different skills and understandings at different levels. This book is designed to help teachers make the best use of number tracks, number grids, and both empty and calibrated number lines.

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Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know

Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know
Thelma Perso
Year Levels: F - 9

What is numeracy in an Australian context?

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Reasoning with Rods: Developing Mathematics Concepts with Coloured Rods

Reasoning with rods
Linked to the Australian Curriculum
Dr Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 6

Coloured rods (often known as Cuisenaire rods) are a versatile and readily available manipulative which model our number system. The activities and tasks in this book can be used to develop a number of mathematical concepts.

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Teaching Number: Advancing children's skills & strategies (2nd Edition)

Teaching Number
Robert J. Wright, James Martland, Ann K. Stafford, Garry Stanger
Year Levels: pre F - 3

A comprehensive guide to teaching in early number.

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Young children learning mathematics: A guide for educators and families

Robert Hunting, Judy Mousley and Bob Perry
Year Levels: pre F - F

How can a young child’s mathematical thinking be developed?

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