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Which Way?

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Which Way?

Which Way? comprises four spatial activities focusing on directional language. Students are encouraged to think logically, utilising a variety of tools to find their way and to guide others. From the pages of a book, around your classroom to the great outdoors, the choice is yours!

Teacher Notes and Activities

  1. Each resource begins with a brief description of the activity and explains the task.
  2. The Options provide a range of alternative approaches such as the use of additional equipment or technologies, differentiation for individuals and groups, or ideas to take the learning to an outdoor or larger indoor space.
  3. The Considerations highlight opportunities that can be taken to reinforce and deepen the learning, as your students progress through a given task.
  4. The Key Questions are designed to promote reasoning and higher-order thinking. The activities are open-ended, so the use of questioning is a key way to differentiate the tasks, to ensure that all of your students are working at an appropriate level of challenge for them.

The content aims to challenge traditional ways of looking at maths. It has been designed to stimulate curiosity and connect to everyday contexts.

Whichever option you choose, the activity is supported by a list of suggested Language and Concepts that underpin the learning.

For secondary teachers, you can find suggestions in the list of options, such as adding coordinates, bearings, measurements and the use of scales to add the level of complexity appropriate for your class.

All resources make strong connections to the Australian Curriculum and incorporate all four proficiencies.

Which Way?

which_way.zip 5.41 MB