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ICT in Everyday Learning: Teacher Online Toolkit

ICT in Everyday Learning: A Toolkit for Teachers

The ICT Toolkit for Teachers is an important resource for teachers wishing to learn more about how to integrate technologies into their teaching. It provides a starting point for these teachers to embed technology in all aspects of their teaching and to support students to be creative, productive users of technology in this digital age.

Drawing directly on the Australian Curriculum, the Toolkit provides teachers of Mathematics (and and their Science, English and History colleagues), with suggested activities, teaching and learning sequences and assessment tasks that embed a range of technological tools and devices.

Designed for teachers who identify themselves as low to medium users of technologies in their teaching, the Toolkit presents contemporary teaching approaches that support connected, collaborative and cooperative student-centred learning.

Additional supportive features of the Toolkit include: easy to follow explanations of tools and devices grouped according to their educative purpose (Digital storytelling tools; Organising tools; Presentation devices etc.); tutorials on how to use the tools and devices and a professional learning module directed towards school leaders.

To download a flyer with more information about the Toolkit and the project, please click here

To look at and start using the Toolkit, please click here. You will be in the Scootle environment. Scootle is the portal used in most jurisdictions to access free online resources.