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My Word Book: Mathematics: Linking Literacy and Numeracy

This book focusses on mathematical vocabulary and provides teachers with lists of words (linked to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics) that are appropriate for particular strands across F-6.

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What is TPACK?


TPACK stands for Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge. There are many resources developed to explain the importance of the TPACK model for contemporary learning.

Drawing from the TPACK framework, 'ICT for Everyday Learning: A Toolkit for Teachers' resource focus is on the first phase studies of the Australian Curriculum.  This includes  illustrations of professional knowledge that facilitate learning of mathematics in a 21st Century classroom. In the TPACK model Techological KnowledgePedagogical Knowledge and Content Knowledge intersect to reflect its importance in effective teaching and learning.

ICT for Everyday Learning: mathematics




This is now a Scootle resource available to all Australian educators. You will need to login to Scootle to access the resource - TLF ID S4977.

This website illustrates how pedagogy, content and technology can be successfully and effectively integrated in order to promote learning. A series of activities across year levels F-10 in English, mathematics, science and history suggest practical approaches using the Australian Curriculum to integrate technology into the classroom. In filmed interviews, leaders in schools discuss theoretical and practical approaches to technological change and the ways technology has affected teaching and learning. They offer insights into understanding and implementing innovative teaching practices in education.

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