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“Oh no! Not fractions!” The anxiety that students (and teachers) experience with this core mathematical topic prompted the editors to bring together research on the teaching and learning of fractions.

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Our new community

Welcome to our new community. The launch of the Digital Learning and Mathematics community marks the completion of the setting up of Connect with Maths project. Connect with Maths communities support the teaching of mathematics Birth to senior secondary.

Connect with Maths communities interconnect: 

  • Make it count with Indigenous learners ~ connectwith.indigenous.aamt.edu.au
  • Early Years in learning Mathematics ~ connectwith.early years.aamt.edu.au
  • Maths in Action ~ connectwith.mathsinaction.aamt.edu.au
  • Engaging All Students ~ connectwith.engaging.aamt.edu.au

Belong and Collaborate

All community membership is free to:

  • join networks that you are passionate for
  • discover events, ask questions, share ideas,
  • connect with colleagues and meet new people with like interests 
  • bring together your experiences and share with diverse communities of educators across Australia

Starting Points and the Digital Learning and Mathematics Forum 

Starting Points focus on a concept or idea about digital learning and mathematics allowing members to: 

  • reflect
  • argue and debate
  • comment and share
  • question
  • learn and contribute

Engage and share illustrations of practice, stories of good learning 

  • join a forum and webinar with fellow teachers  to engage  in professional conversations about mathematics education.
  • enjoy professional learning in our supportive, friendly online environment
  • meet experts, mathematicians and other with a passion for mathematics
  • access opportunities for online mentoring from expert Mathematics educators
  • identify opportunities for learning and improve your skills and knowledge

Explore and Curate digital resources

  • explore online resources for use in learning activities designed to facilitate an understanding of mathematical concepts Birth to senior secondary school levels.
  • curate, create, annotate, sequence, stimulate, personalise, rate, value, organise mathematical digital resources.