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Councillor for Victoria (MAV)

Michaela Epstein

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Michaela Epstein is the current President of the Mathematical Association of Victoria, and the Head of Learning at Australian-founded social enterprise, Maths Pathway.

Fundamental to Michaela's work is the idea that students need to be involved in meaningful and thought-provoking mathematics, in which a growth mindset is an essential ingredient for success. Underpinning this is the idea that we are all 'maths people'.

Michaela works closely with teachers and others across the mathematics education community to implement strategies that will support all students to be successful in mathematics. Michaela's interest and expertise in mathematics education extends to curriculum policy and development.

Recently, she completed Master’s research at The University of Melbourne on the intent and framing of the new Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics. Previously, Michaela has worked in schools in rural Victoria and in Melbourne, where she initiated and led programs aimed at supporting and extending students in maths. Michaela has also worked in the not-for-profit sector in Indigenous education.