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Number Lines

Number Lines

Linear models of number are very important as they support the development of an informal internal representation of number magnitude, called the mental number line. Different models are best suited to the teaching of different skills and understandings at different levels. This book is designed to help teachers make the best use of number tracks, number grids, and both empty and calibrated number lines.

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Learning to Love Math

Teaching Strategies that Change Student Attitudes and Get Results

Learning to Love Math
Judy Willis MD

Is there a way to get students to love mathematics? The author, a mathematics teacher and neurologist, presents current research on brain function to develop a practical classroom approach to change student attitudes.

Strategies to reverse mathematics negativity by connecting with students and their families; to reduce mistake anxiety through enforced wait times, estimation, and multiple approaches; and to change intelligence by understanding how the brain works are detailed. There are techniques for creating a positive, happy and focused classroom: errorless maths, bringing the real world to the mathematics classroom, building self reliance, and incorporating relaxation moments are just some of the aspects discussed.

Motivating students is a key focus, with chapters devoted to creating student goals and understanding and planning achievable challenge. A “Brain Owner’s Manual” is included as an appendix.

Relevant for the classroom practitioner, curriculum leaders will also find many ideas to stimulate discussion and guide teachers to improve methodologies.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-4166-1036-6
Year Levels: F - 10
Publisher: ASCD (USA)
Page Count: 195
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2010
Product number: ASCD102
Keywords: Professional learning/Teacher education

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