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Prize-winning resource! Information and communication technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing student learning. But transforming technological tools into meaningful teaching and learning experiences requires sensible integration into the classroom through appropriate activities.

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The Classroom Chef

The Classroom Chef
John Stevens, Matt Vaudrey

“The world needs more crazy teachers–more adults who are passionate about getting kids excited about school and learning.”


The authors use the analogy of cooking as a means to creating engaging lessons: preparing the kitchen, setting the table, choosing a delicious appetiser, making a satisfying main course, finishing with dessert. In a mathematics lesson that translates to establishing a positive class culture, being thoroughly prepared, selecting a mathematical taster to build interest, creating a substantial and intriguing task, and finishing with assessment.


There are recounts of the classroom interactions and outcomes (good and bad) of quirky lessons such as ‘The mullet ratio’, ‘Barbie zipline’ and ‘Big shark’, plus discussion of the components needed to design enticing and sound tasks.


Written in a conversational style, this is an easy-to-read volume packed with wisdom about real classroom experiences, including recounts of failures as well as successes. It will speak strongly to any teacher who wants to improve their lessons to genuinely engage their students.


“The opposite of bored isn’t entertained but curious.”

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9882176-8-3
Year Levels: 6 - 12
Publisher: Dave Burgess Consulting Inc
Page Count: 211
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2016
Product number: BUR001
Keywords: Teacher professional reading

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