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Savannah Dreams

Savannah Dreams

A delightful picture book, with a simple story about Savannah and her family as they go hunting in the bush. Over Sunday to Friday, the rest of the family discover lots of delicious bush tucker and count how many crabs or snakes or waterlily stems they have caught or collected, but Savannah finds only junk. That is until Sunday, when Savannah makes the greatest catch of all.

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Paul Scott

This collection of 50 problems (with solutions and extensions) will help you engage your students in mathematical problem solving. It is an amusing, quirky set of problems that illustrate a range of problem solving strategies. Particularly suitable for middle and junior secondary students. Why AHA!? It’s that feeling you get when the light goes on and you ‘see’ how it is done — something we want all of our students to experience ... and it will only come with practice.

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ISBN-10: 1-875900-24-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-875900-24-4
Year Levels: 6 - 10
Publisher: AAMT (Australia)
Page Count: 108
Cover type: Soft cover, spiral bound
Publication date: 1997
Product number: BESC104
Keywords: Classroom material, Problem solving

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