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Prize-winning resource! Information and communication technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing student learning. But transforming technological tools into meaningful teaching and learning experiences requires sensible integration into the classroom through appropriate activities.

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A Guide to Mathematics Coaching

Processes for increasing student achievement

Ted H. Hull, Don S. Balka, Ruth Harbin Miles

Mathematics coaching can be an effective method of changing teacher practice and improving student achievement. But the processes in this book do not just apply to coaches—they are applicable to any mathematics leader. The authors detail three stages. The first, and perhaps the most fundamental, is preparing the foundation, by bridging from the present to the future and building rapport with teachers; especially those who are resistant, or fearful, or otherwise challenged. The second stage is to implement the coaching model, based on robust data. Steps include planning and co-teaching lessons, making student thinking visible, analysing and reflecting on lessons, and charting long-term progress. Finally, the work needs to be continued and there are pointers for maintaining the momentum.

Written in an easy to read style, and organised in a clear and logical fashion, this is a very accessible resource. Discover how effective coaching relationships add up to improved mathematics teaching and learning.

For numeracy coaches, principals, heads of faculties, and leaders of mathematics teams.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-4129-7264-2
Year Levels: F - 12
Publisher: Corwin (USA)
Page Count: 151
Publication date: 2009
Product number: ECA015
Keywords: Professional learning, Teacher education

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