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Playing with Place Value

Playing with place value

Place value may seem a simple concept but it can be very difficult to teach successfully. There are many materials available to use in the classroom, but which ones work? When should they be used? Respected educator, Paul Swan, presents well-researched approaches which will help you to teach, and your students to learn, place value.

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Teaching Number in the Classroom (2nd edition)

With 4–8 Year Olds

Robert J Wright, Garry Stanger, Ann K Stafford & Jim Martland

This very popular and well-regarded book is now in its second edition, printed in full colour and with a companion website holding downloadable resources, a Facilitator’s Guide and demonstration videos.

Its focus is a practical, step-by-step guide to classroom activities, using an inquiry-based approach to assess children’s knowledge, and then building on this to develop a firm foundation of understanding and confidence in mathematics. Topics covered range from beginning number and early counting strategies to multi-digit addition and subtraction, right through to multiplication and division. The layout has been revised and there are updated tasks, activities and real classroom examples. It now includes learning trajectories for guiding instruction and tracking progress on key topics.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-4462-8269-4
Year Levels:
Publisher: SAGE Publications 2015
Page Count: 229
Cover type: Soft cover
Product number: ECA009
Keywords: Early years/Number/Teacher learning

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