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How the Brain Learns Mathematics (2nd ed)

How the Brain Learns Maths 2 ed

In this recently published second edition, new brain-friendly practical strategies are included in a unique four-step teaching model, making this a most useful addition to your professional library.

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Picture Puzzles

picture puzzles
Doug Williams

‘One screen, two learners, concrete materials and a challenge.’

A useful and different addition to your school’s mathematics resources, Picture Puzzles comprises many PDF slide show files suitable for students from Years 2 to 12. The slide shows cover Pattern and algebra, Shape and measurement, Number and computation, and Shape and space. The activities promote mathematical thinking and are modelled on pairs of students working through the stimulus using concrete materials, while sharing their learning through discussion (but they can also be used with the entire class). The activities also have several levels of success: they do not have to be ‘finished’.

Each activity includes teaching notes—mathematical background, detailed explanations of the solutions, teaching suggestions, prompting questions—downloadable print resources and a list of concrete resources. Two sample Picture Puzzles can be viewed at http://mathematicscentre.com. The creator’s philosophy is that the start of mathematical thinking is an interesting, meaningful, worthwhile problem.

Picture Puzzles display on all screen devices: smart phones, tablets, pads, notebooks, desktops.

Membership of Picture Puzzles is permanent.

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Year Levels: 2 - 12
Publisher: Mathematics Centre
Product number: MC001
Keywords: pattern, algebra, shape, measurement, number, computation, space, primary, middle years, secondary

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