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Maths and Numeracy

maths and numeracy

This full colour booklet incorporates the latest research about young children’s learning to assist educators, parents and carers foster numeracy.

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Mathematics Assessment for Learning

Rich Tasks and Work Samples

Anne Downton, Rose Knight, Doug Clarke, Gerard Lewis

A book for teachers seeking to inform their teaching by the use of tasks which can help to identify what their students know and can do in mathematics.

A great strength of this resource is that it not only presents appropriate tasks, but discusses these in the context of real student work samples (across a broad range of grade levels and demonstrated understandings) and possible assessment rubrics.

For the mathematics/numeracy coordinator or resource library in your school.

View contents pages (PDF)

View sample task for Year 2 (PDF)

View sample task for Year 8 (PDF)

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ISBN-10: 0-9756718-6-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9756718-6-3
Year Levels: F - 8
Publisher: ACU and CEO Melbourne, Australia
Page Count: 152
Cover type: Soft cover, spiral bound
Publication date: 2006
Product number: CLA001
Keywords: Assessment, Classroom material

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