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Savannah Dreams

Savannah Dreams

A delightful picture book, with a simple story about Savannah and her family as they go hunting in the bush. Over Sunday to Friday, the rest of the family discover lots of delicious bush tucker and count how many crabs or snakes or waterlily stems they have caught or collected, but Savannah finds only junk. That is until Sunday, when Savannah makes the greatest catch of all.

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Math Tools Grades 3–12 (2nd edition)

Harvey F Silver, John R Brunsting, Terry Walsh, Edward J Thomas

Math(s) tools are ways to build mathematical practices, differentiate instruction and increase student engagement. The approaches are based on four distinct mathematics learning styles: mastery, interpersonal, understanding, and self-expressive. Using activities which address different learning styles enables all students to think and work in their preferred style, and makes the task of differentiating instruction and assessment more manageable. Intrigue and stimulate your students with novel teaching and learning approaches. 

The dozens of tools encompass quizzes, to partner coaching, to organisers for thinking, to creative writing. Many of the tools are downloadable from the companion website. Each tool is arranged in a similar fashion: the purpose highlights how the tool is helpful; the overview presents a picture of how the tool works; the Common Core thinking section illuminates standards that the tool supports (the USA common core standards resonate strongly with our own proficiencies from the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics); there are numbered steps; and there are examples ranging from simple suggestions to full-length samples of student work.

More than 60 different and interesting ways to improve your practice.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-4522-6139-3
Year Levels: 3 - 12
Publisher: Corwin
Page Count: 241
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2012
Product number: ECA014
Keywords: Classroom resource, Primary, Middle, Secondary, Teacher education

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