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Number Lines

Number Lines

Linear models of number are very important as they support the development of an informal internal representation of number magnitude, called the mental number line. Different models are best suited to the teaching of different skills and understandings at different levels. This book is designed to help teachers make the best use of number tracks, number grids, and both empty and calibrated number lines.

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Early Numeracy

Assessment for Teaching and Intervention - 2nd edition

Early Numeracy
Robert J Wright, James Marland, Ann K Stafford

This book details the background and effectiveness of the highly regarded “Mathematics Recovery” early intervention programme, incorporating an interview-based approach to assessing young children’s numerical knowledge and strategies. Developed in Australia and internationally regarded as a substantial contribution to the field, this work also formed the basis of the “Count Me In Too” programme.

The book includes six diagnostic interview schedules focussing on a range of aspects of early number, and sets out procedures for analysing the results of the assessment interviews together with a comprehensive framework (the Learning Framework in Number) for determining a child’s strategies and documenting current levels of a child’s knowledge.

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ISBN-10: 1-4129-1020-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-4129-1020-0
Year Levels: pre F - 4
Publisher: Paul Chapman publishing (UK)
Page Count: 200
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2006
Product number: ECA005
Keywords: Assessment, Early childhood, Number, Professional learning/teacher education, Research

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