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Written in a chatty, accessible style, the author suggests different approaches to the solutions of a number of familiar (and not so familiar) problems.

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Check the Clues

Cooperative Group Problem Solving Cards for Mathematics

Check the clues
David Dunstan, Peter Farmer, Kristin Humphreys, Paul Swan


Cooperative group problem solving is a deductive reasoning activity where the solution cannot be found without everyone’s contribution. This approach has the potential to benefit all students in a class, both mathematically and socially.

In the activities presented in this book, students work in groups of four and receive four cards, each with a different clue about the problem. Without showing their cards to each other, each member reads aloud their clue. The group is also given solving cards or other manipulative materials.

The activities cover all three strands of the mathematics curriculum with interesting and fun problems such as Find my street number, Sneaky shapes, Favourite zoo animals, Recognising coins, On time, Bedroom furniture.

There are comprehensive teacher notes (with a particular focus on the mathematical vocabulary associated with the topic), parallel tasks provided where possible, and answers given.

The clue cards are written simply and are suitable for young students.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9807548-7-2
Year Levels: F - 3
Publisher: A-Z Type (Aust.)
Page Count: 87
Cover type: Soft cover, spiral bound
Publication date: 2014
Product number: SWA651
Keywords: Problem solving, reasoning

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