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Maths Games with Child Friendly Cards: Developing Early Number Skills

Child friendly cards

This book contains many, many card games. Some are more general, such as concentration games, matching card games and collecting groups of cards. Others focus on mathematical concepts and skills.

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All Hands on Deck

Math Games using Cards and Dice

All Hands on Deck
Joanne Currah, Jane Felling, Cheryl MacDonald

Developed in Canada as a special needs resource, this award winning, best selling manual features over 100 mathematics games for both regular and special needs children.

The games are simple to play, and the instructions easy to read. Reproducible masters are provided for several of the games, but most require only playing cards and dice. The games focus on concepts and skills of place value, the four operations, number facts, calculation and simple graphing. Emphasis is on enjoyment, motivation, participation, repetitive practice, cooperative learning and social interaction.

A valuable compendium for teachers and parents.

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ISBN-10: 0-9681613-3-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9681613-3-3
Year Levels: 1 - 9
Publisher: Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks (Canada)
Page Count: 158
Cover type: Soft cover, spiral bound
Publication date: 1991
Product number: ESO693
Keywords: Number, Special/gifted education, Classroom material

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