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Savannah Dreams

Savannah Dreams

A delightful picture book, with a simple story about Savannah and her family as they go hunting in the bush. Over Sunday to Friday, the rest of the family discover lots of delicious bush tucker and count how many crabs or snakes or waterlily stems they have caught or collected, but Savannah finds only junk. That is until Sunday, when Savannah makes the greatest catch of all.

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Algebra in the Early Grades

Algebra in the Early Grades
James J. Kaput, David W. Carraher & Maria L. Blanton (eds)

This book is the result of approximately 15 years of thinking, research, and collective discussion about the role of algebra in school mathematics. With a goal of contributing to a comprehensive, research-based “early algebra story”, it tackles big questions from a variety of perspectives that address different aspects of the story.

The collection of papers is intended for a diverse audience including researchers, teachers, teacher educators and policymakers. If you’ve ever wondered about the nature of early algebra, about the extent of young students’ capacity for algebraic thinking, or about ways in which early algebra might be taken into the classroom, then this book is for you.

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ISBN-10: 0-8058-5473-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-8058-5473-2
Year Levels: F - 8
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (USA)
Page Count: 552
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2007
Product number: NCT013
Keywords: Professional learning/teacher education, Algebra, Early childhood, Research

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