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Maths and Numeracy

maths and numeracy

This full colour booklet incorporates the latest research about young children’s learning to assist educators, parents and carers foster numeracy.

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Titles here are in limited stock and have been reduced to cost in order to clear.

Teaching Mathematics: Foundations to Middle Years

Teaching Mathematics
SAVE $38
Dianne Siemon, Kim Beswick, Kathy Brady, Julie Clark, Rhonda Faragher, Elizabeth Warren
Year Levels: F - 9

Written by a group of highly respected and experienced teacher educators, the advice is based on current research and theories and, although written for pre-service teachers, there is much that will appeal to practising teachers.

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Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers (3rd Edition)

Derek Haylock
Year Levels: F - 7

Straightforward, practical and comprehensive explanations for teachers of the mathematics taught in primary schools. With a companion web-site and free access to an interactive ebook.

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Navigations series

Assorted titles suitable for years Pre-F to 12.

Teaching Number in the Classroom

Teaching Number in the Classroom
with 4-8 year-olds
Robert J. Wright, Garry Stanger, Ann K. Stafford, James Martland
Year Levels: pre F - 3

A practical guide focusing on classroom teaching of early number skills and concepts.

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Radical Math

Radical Math
Card and dice games for grades 6-12
Joanne Currah, Jane Felling
Year Levels: 6 - 12

Fifty maths games for high school students.

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Defining Mathematics Education

Defining Mathematics Education
Presidential Yearbook Selections 1926-2012
Francis (Skip) Fennell, William R. Speer (eds)
Year Levels: F - 12

The Seventy-fifth Yearbook is a celebration and reflection of the history of the NCTM yearbooks, and is a great resource on the key issues of mathematics education through the years.

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Getting into the Mathematics Conversation

Getting into the Mathematics Conversation
Valuing Communication in Mathematics Classrooms
Portia C. Elliott, Cynthia M. Elliott Garnett (Eds)
Year Levels: F - 12

Integrate reading, writing, listening and speaking into your mathematics classroom.

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Starting Out: Primary Mathematics

Len Sparrow, Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 7

Practical ideas, teaching activities and real "advice" for new teachers, based on classroom experiences.

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Patterns in Mathematics

Collections of blackline masters to help primary school students to investigate patterns in shape, number and number relationships.

Calculators in Classrooms

Using them sensibly
Paul Swan
Year Levels: F - 7

Teacher notes and student activities to support the effective use of calculators.

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Cartoon Corner

Cartoon Corner
Humour-Based Mathematics Activities
Year Levels: 5 - 9

A collection of cartoons and suggestions for integrating them into classroom mathematics learning.

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Cartoon Corner 2

Cartoon Corner 2
Humor-Based Mathematics Activities
Peggy A. House (ed.)
Year Levels: 5 - 9

A brand new collection of cartoons. There is inspiration here for those looking for a visually stimulating and different way to start a lesson.

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Is This Going to be on the Math Test?

Is this going to be on the Math test?
Alexandru Pintilie
Year Levels: 9 - 11

Written by a classroom teacher to interest and challenge while developing problem solving skills, this book is aimed at enriching students’ mathematical experiences. 

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Toying with Tangrams

Toying with Tangrams
Paul Swan
Year Levels: 3 - 9

Get the most - mathematically - out of your students' using these ever popular puzzles.

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