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Playing with Place Value

Playing with place value

Place value may seem a simple concept but it can be very difficult to teach successfully. There are many materials available to use in the classroom, but which ones work? When should they be used? Respected educator, Paul Swan, presents well-researched approaches which will help you to teach, and your students to learn, place value.

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Catch an Idea

Adam Spencer NLNW Ambassador

Catch An Idea is your chance to catch a maths moment! Whether you are indoors or outside, looking at patterns or playing sports, in the kitchen or in outer space; maths helps make sense of the world! Students and teachers photograph a mathematics moment, caption it and share it (digitally or as a poster around the school). For example, take a photo of someone measuring ingredients, tiling a roof or a football player kicking a goal. Math is everywhere!

AAMT would like to share your Catch an Idea. Email photos and caption to nlnw@aamt.edu.au

See the the ideas on AAMT's Instagram – or post your own #CatchAnIdea #NLNW 



Adam Spencer, National Literacy and Numeracy Week Ambassador, provides the inaugural mathematical idea.

160829-1-Adam Spencer

Taking 4 kids to the movies this Saturday. Need to coordinate two separate movies at two different times but have to leave enough time in the middle to get the grocery shopping done for the week and still get back to the cinemas before anyone gets out. Maths and movies – I love it!