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Elementary and Middle School Mathematics

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics 9th ed

Elementary and Middle School MathematicsTeaching Developmentally provides ideas to help teachers develop a deep understanding of the mathematics they teach, highlighting the benefits of problem-based mathematics instruction.

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Cluster findings

The Make It Count Cluster Findings were developed over time and are organised to reflect the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement. They evolved from cluster innovations and provide important insights into teaching and learning.

Click below to download a PDF of all of the Cluster Findings:

Professional Knowledge

Teachers draw on a body of professional knowledge and research to respond to the needs of other students within their educational contexts...(AITSL).

Professional Practice

Teachers are able to make learning engaging and valued. They are able to creat and maintain safe, inclusive and challenging elarning environments and implement fair and equitable behaviour management plans...(AITSL)

Professional Engagement

Teachers model effective learning. They identify their own learning needs and analyse, evaluate and expand their professional learning, both collegially and individually...(AITSL)