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Check the Clues 2

Check the Clues 2

Cooperative group problem solving is a deductive reasoning activity where the solution cannot be found without everyone’s contribution. This second volume is suited for Years Four to Eight.

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Conference communiques

Graphics Calculators and School Mathematics (2000)

A communiqué to the education community arising from the conference Students, Mathematics and Graphics Calculators into the Next Millenium held in Sydney in March, 2000.

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Quality mathematics in the middle years communiqué (2006)

Communiqué for the wider education community arising from the conference Quality Mathematics in the Middle Years (held in Fremantle in 2005).

qmmy-com-col.pdf 55.16 kB

Teacher Support and the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics

Communiqué developed from the conference Ways Forward: Teacher support and the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics (held in Melbourne in 2010).