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Savannah Dreams

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Engaging All Students



Engaging All Students ~ Catering for Diversity is a free community website for educators who teach mathematics to primary and secondary year students.

This site is a place for educators to seek support and to share experiences. What are the best ways to prepare all students on the path to life success through mathematics?

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Student group

The Engaging All Students community is an umbrella community catering for the diversity of student backgrounds, their learning experiences and mathematical understanding that a teacher will find in every classroom. This will particularly be the case where withdrawal of Special Needs 

students is not practiced and where classes are not streamed.


Support for teachers of students who have:

  • English as an Added Language or Dialect
  • High Achievers and Gifted
  • Student with Special Needs
  • Students at Risk ...more

[contributed by Marj Horne]


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Catherine is an Associate Professor in primary mathematics pedagogy. Her research focus is on engagement with mathematics and issues surrounding the teaching practices that influence students’ engagement.

Building culture and capacity to enact the Australian Curr:MA
Session 1: Wed Aug 3
Session 2: Wed Aug 24
Session 3: Wed Sep 14
4:30–5:30pm EST 
Presenter: Rob Proffitt-White

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