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Playing with Place Value

Playing with place value

Place value may seem a simple concept but it can be very difficult to teach successfully. There are many materials available to use in the classroom, but which ones work? When should they be used? Respected educator, Paul Swan, presents well-researched approaches which will help you to teach, and your students to learn, place value.

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Communications & Technical Manager

Toby Spencer

Toby Spencer


Toby Spencer has worked for AAMT since 1994, serving the association's needs in the areas of publishing, public relations, and IT. Currently, his main job is developing the technical aspects of AAMT's new professional learning portal, as well as managing the association's online and print news communications.

Originally with a Bachelor's degree in English and Drama, he still finds it amusing that he ended up doing graphic design for mathematics teachers after working in various roles in the Adelaide arts industry. While working for AAMT, he has published over 2000 pages of journals, conference proceedings, books and other materials, designed and built many websites, and assisted in the management of events, among other roles. He did further post-graduate study in Communications (Public Relations) to "fill in the holes in his head" and is a strong advocate of how good design and communication should complement one another. Never get him started talking about his daughter--he will go on for hours. Toby still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up.