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This fascinating publication is a picture book about the sometimes perplexing mathematical odyssey from straight lines to hyperbolic space, from Euclid's axioms to Boolean algebra. An excellent prize book for graduates.

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Councillor for Victoria (MAV)

James Spithill

James Spithill


Jim Spithill is a Research Fellow (Test developer) at the Australian Council for Educational Research. He joined ACER in 2010 after thirty years’ experience teaching secondary mathematics in the Government and Independent sectors around Melbourne. He has worked on a range of ACER projects both local and international, including NAPLAN tests, the New South Wales Government selective high school and opportunity class tests, and the mathematical literacy component of PISA 2012. More recently he has become involved in adult and vocational education assessments for TAFE and other institutions in the VET sector.

He believes that good assessments inform good teaching, thereby improving student learning; and that better numeracy skills contribute to the personal, social and economic wellbeing of the individual learner.