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Getting kids ready for place value

Getting kids ready for place value
[Engaging All Students community, Early Years]
Presenter: Tierney Kennedy
Tuesday 11 August, 2015

Online: Click on this Adobe Connect link to enter Tierney's session http://connect.vic.edu.au/cwm-150811-tierney/

We all know that kids don’t really understand place value—the difficult question to answer is why this happens and what to do about it. In this workshop, teachers will unpack why students continue to struggle with the base-10 system, how to diagnose difficulties quickly and how to confront underlying misconceptions to get kids ready for place value in the first two years of schooling. Videos of real students will be used to demonstrate how to create “aha” moments, enabling teachers to push students to develop to create “aha” moments, enabling teachers to push students to develop understanding more quickly than they could on their own


The Presenter

Tierney Kennedy

Tierney Kennedy is a mathematics consultant who specialises in addressing student understanding. She works with schools and education departments to improve effectiveness, including demonstrating problem-based teaching in classrooms. Over the past four years Tierney has personally taught over 15,000 students across Australia, and is currently analysing patterns in their responses to diagnostic questions. She is also the author of the series Back-to-Front Maths.


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